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trying to make it as a writer. it's a rather painful journey


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Women4SPN is an awesome network/group dedicated to changing the fandoms opinion/views on the spn ladies.

Femslash in every form is ALWAYS important

Social Justice is important because the world is a shit place, and we need to make it better.

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The first time Adam walks in on Dean and Sam fucking, his immediate thought is, ‘well, that explains a lot’. Dean’s riding Sam like a pro, hands braced against his little brother’s firm chest. Sam’s the one that notices Adam watching and grins, tilting his head in invitation. Adam stares for a moment longer. Dean turns his head and his eyes widen when he realizes they’ve been caught. A flush creeps down his neck to his chest and he stops moving.

Sam growls, gripping Dean’s hips and fucking up into him once, hard. “I didn’t say you could stop.” He snaps and Dean whimpers softly before rocking his hips back down, starting to ride his little brother again. Sam moans before his eyes fall on Adam again. “Come here, little brother.” He says.

Adam nods, eyes glazed and cock hard against his jeans already. He walks over to the bed and Sam undoes his button and zipper. “What do you want me to do?” Adam asks.

"What do you want?" Sam replies.

Adam looks over at Dean, eyes falling on the oldest Winchester’s soft pink lips.

Sam grins, “Take off your pants Adam.”

Adam shucks off his jeans and boxers, hand stroking his cock the moment it was freed.

"Dean baby, Adam has a treat for you." Sam cooes, rubbing Dean’s side gently.

Dean licks his lips, turning his head and taking the tip of Adam’s cock in his mouth. Adam grunts, twisting a hand in Dean’s hair and thinks ‘fuck yes’.


SPN Femslash + Mythology | 2/?
Wood Nymph!Charlie x Adventurer!Jo
Requested by unfeatheredcas

Charlie watches over her as she sleeps. She has been since the stranger ventured into this area of the woods. It has been many days now since she was first knocked unconscious and she is beginning to worry. She tried to make her comfortable. She made her a bed of grass and flowers and putting up every protection charm to keep the monsters out. And now she just sits and waits.

Suddenly, she feels the girls squirming and her eyes flutter open.

"What’s your name?" Charlie asks, curiosity getting the better of her.

"Jo," she replies. "Where am I?"

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Nicki is having none of your cisnormative bullshit. (x)

Fuck yeah Nicki Minaj!!

Nicki you’re the best

Watched the interview though and omg, she doesn’t even flinch or back down or laugh like it’s a joke, just. Oh my god. Yesss.




 sarah L

#this blink-and-you-miss-it moment right there #is probably one of the best demonstrations of merlin’s devotion to arthur and his love for him #because right when arthur breaks the silence and says his name #merlin just looks at him so intently like arthur’s the most important thing in the world #and that expression just speaks a thousand words #and you just know merlin is thinking ‘yes arthur i’m right here. what do you need? i’m right here by your side like always.’ #‘it’s my destiny to protect arthur’ merlin said once #‘everything i do is for him’ he said another time #‘and i use it for you arthur. only for you’ he said yet another time about his magic #all of those are in that one facial expression #and it’s just so freaking TENDER and open and vulnerable and completely focused on arthur #because now that arthur finally knows who he is #it’s such an enormous weight lifted off his shoulders that he doesn’t have to pretend anymore #look at his face #it’s there #it’s all there #and the fact that they never got to have more moments like this #- so honest so without any pretence and arthur fully knowing who merlin truly is and what he has done for him - #is the single most painful and cruel thing in the entire universe #and now i will be crawling back into my sobbing corner #bye


Much as I’m looking forward to Louis’ fabulous mane, I actually prefer George’s natural hair, and this is one of my favorites of its incarnations. That fluffy pile of unruly curls just gives him a luscious, freshly fucked look that pushes my buttons leik whoa. Add in the scruff, the pink cheeks, and the squirmy body language and … daym, boy. 

Anonymous: e/r magic curses AU please??


e/R | canon era, magic curses

Grantaire has the curse of Cassandra.

Grantaire says that the revolution won’t work. He doesn’t say it’ll never work because there will be one, and it will work, but it’s not their revolution. Grantaire says that they won’t sway enough people to their cause, that the people are too scared of revolution even though they want the change it’ll bring.

Grantaire says that Enjolras will get himself killed.

Enjolras takes the bottle from his hands, and looks him dead in the eyes, and tells him he’s wrong. Grantaire has seen the gunshots in his head, seen the canons fire and the blood run. He catches hold of Enjolras’s lapel before he can move away, and says that when Enjolras gets himself killed, Grantaire will be right there by his side.

(Grantaire says that he loves Enjolras.)

Enjolras smells the drink on his breath as he leans in for a kiss, and gently pushes him away. Such is the curse of Cassandra.


This picture is literally the most fucking accurate reaction to Marius


Anonymous: Hi pet! I know you lost your fic request so I don't know if you still have this one, if you do just ignore it! A threesome with bottom!Dean with Wincest as the main pairing but the third guy is Benny? Maybe Sam agreed to let him have Dean once but only if he was involved too. If you could write DP and a little jealous!Sam that would be awesome!


"You know, a stare like that’ll give a man cold feet, brother."

"If you want him, it’s on my terms."

"Right here."

"I ain’t got no problem with that."

"And you don’t get to fuck him without me inside him first."

"Seriously. RIght. Here."

Sam glares hard enough to force Dean to shut his mouth. They had prepped alone, Sam’s fingers the ones to tease him open, work him loose. Benny isn’t to kiss, isn’t to hold. He’s there for his cock, the blissed expression he’ll give Dean, not the rush for himself.

"C’mon, Dean."

He groans. Sam’s on the bed, knees out, on his back. Dean knows the position. He climbs on top and they kiss, harder than their first should be. Sam bites his lip, growls into his tongue and fucks his fingers inside. He’s slick, wider, before Sam guides his cock and sinks home. Dean hisses. His own drags over Sam’s middle. It wets the skin, twitches, needs more.

"Now you," Sam rasps, "so move."

"On it."

Benny chuckles. It’s rough, low. His hand pumps around his dick to spread more lube. The last of the bottle is squeezed over Sam’s short thrusts, poured into Dean’s hole as he screws.

It’s a stretch. A finger first, he’s careful to arch it beside Sam’s cock. Slow, he lets Dean grunt and bends it. A second joins. A third. Dean’s hole clenches tight around the new press until he forces himself to relax. Benny works him hard, takes that last tension and scores it wide.

"Now," Sam repeats. "Fuck him now."

Lined up, Benny holds himself and eases the head against Sam’s dick. He’s stopped to let Dean adjust. Dean pants, skin flushed, a grimace of pain through him. He snaps at them to move, to get it over, to break him, but Benny holds off. Sam’s hands stay clamped around Dean’s hips and he mouths at Dean’s shoulder, leaves marks with his teeth.

"Please. Fuck you both, you bastards. Just. Just fuckin’—"

That last slide and Benny buries into him. Dean cries out, overstretched, ache and buzz wound tight. Sam grits his teeth and kisses again, bloodies their mouths. He stays where he is, doesn’t move. It’s Benny that gives the friction, the slow rock into Dean’s hole, the graze against Sam’s cock. It’s tight, so tight.

Dean croaks. “More.”

I was looking for fonts recently and fell in love with many, so I figured I’d compile all my favorites. Some of them require a tweet or Facebook post to download. All credit goes to their respective makers.