dean and cas with promise rings in highschool 

during a tough time when they split before going to different colleges, cas throws his on the ground and tells dean that they’re over

a week later he texts dean saying he’s sorry, and that he’d like if he could mail it back

dean sending it back in a letter with a little note in it that says ‘marry me?’

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Vintage Medieval Weddings Dresses

I love these so much


These are my weakness oh my god

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You know you’re hot when you can pull off wearing a Sooty shirt with shorts. In fact, you know you’re hot when you’re me. 

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casbunnies - guess what i’ve decided to turn into a ficlet????

t-hiddys-diddily leads a sad, sad life

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marauders appreciation week | day two | favorite death eater

"Now tell me boy, are you your father’s dog or one of Voldemort’s snakes?" 


The child actors in game of thrones are just mind blowing


idk sometimes i just get really emotional about harry potter

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Anna Milton x Jo Harvelle for huntuer

Jo had grumbled when her mom sent her to the library, to get a book for some hunter, who needed to know about Rugarus. She had to lift three different books that would cover the damn creature, all of which were covered in a thin layer off dust and obviously hadn’t been checked out in years.

That all changed when she got to the counter, and found the cutest redhead behind the desk, ready to check out the books.

After that, Jo took it upon herself to go to the library without any protest, just to see the gorgeous redhead that she learnt is called Anna.

It doesn’t take long before she gets up the courage to ask the librarian out, and when Anna finally meets Jo’s mom, Ellen, her daughter’s newfound love for reading suddenly makes sense.

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