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by eaglekisser


Amelia x Lisa Domestic AU

From best friends in high school to roommates in college. Everything is going great until romantic feelings start to surface. Then everything is perfect. 


Megaddon Horror!AU

Meg Masters is a disturbed girl with visions of a tragic past, moving into a new house for a new start. But she soon discovers Abaddon, the spirit of a deceased, psychopathic and violent woman who lived in the house in the 1950s and has killed all the previous owners. But Meg is different.


Charlie x Hannah
Summer beach!AU
prompt by holyhael

Charlie has always loved the ocean; its salty, heady smell, the sound of the waves, the colors. Charlie creates a palette in her mind. Gray for the wet pebbles that shine under the sun. Yellow for the sand, ocher and red for the sunsets, when the ocean seems to swallow the sun. Blue for the sea, blue for the sky.

Blue for Hannah’s eyes. (ao3)


Anna Milton x Jo Harvelle

Joanna Beth Harvelle broke away from her mother’s small tavern The Roadhouse, when she was 21, in order to make it on her own. She doesn’t forget everything she learnt, and uses her knowledge from working the bar to open a hotel of her own, just outside a small, yet busy airport.

Anna Milton is a pilot for one of the companies that fly from the airport, and when she has an early flight, she decides to book a room in the closest hotel, so she can get the full twelve hours sleep she needs before she can fly again.

She didn’t expect the woman that owned the hotel to be so beautiful, and interesting and smart, and to have such a gorgeous smile, and despite the fact most of her flights are manoeuvrable, she ends up staying at the hotel more and more, getting to know the cute blonde owner, and working up the courage to ask her out.

And when she finally does Jo just grins and asks her what took her so damn long.


Meg x Ruby AU 
for anonymous

Meg and Ruby somehow end up in the possession of a baby.
They decide to keep it because it makes funny faces sometimes.

Want something like this? <3


Sincerely, Kinsey


After reading that dogs lick the mouths of whomever they feel is in charge, I just feel like this dog is thinking “I CAN’T HANDLE THIS MUCH RESPONSIBILITY.”

And Dean’s thinking:

You. You’re my issue. Everything we became; everything we lost; everything I never got to say; everything I might never get a chance to. You.



Dean Winchester is an asshole, Castiel Novak has decided this. He’s cocky and rude and totally turns people’s words around, but he supposes that’s what talk show hosts should do, but still, fucking rude. You see, Castiel is a writer, he writes books on politics and likes to make worlds were everyone is equal and apparently, fucking apparently, Dean wants him on his show.

Castiel would have no problem with it except well, Salt ‘n’ Burn has a pretty gruesome reputation for tearing anyone and everyone a freaking new one and Castiel really doesn’t want to have his beloved books ripped on. Maybe that’s why he ends up going, because someone has to defend his books and who better than the writer?

At first it’s nerve racking when he gets there, the place is busy as fuck and he hasn’t even met Dean, just his lawyer of a brother Sam who apparently is the one that helps keep Dean under control, great. Sam’s nice though, his hair is a little long for a lawyer and he’s got a puppy dog face that could tranquilize an elephant but he’s a good guy, with his heart in the right place. 

The first time Castiel talks to Dean it’s not in person, it’s a fucking post it note in his dressing room. It’s ridiculous but um… kinda cute interesting. Castiel proceeds to find the post it notes and write one back before leaving the room, when he finally gets to his seat (Sam talks a lot, a lot of ‘So get this’s and stuff like that) there’s a post it note there, responding to the one in the dressing room. It’s funny and makes Castiel smile but he pockets it and doesn’t respond. Why should he? Dean’s apparently coming out in five minutes and there is no point in being a child and replying when he will be right there.

Dean’s beautiful, just as beautiful as he looked on TV, it was a sin to have those precious green eyes and that cheeky smile, it made Castiel mad, who decided that assholes got to be pretty? But ‘the show must go on’ as they say… somewhere and Castiel deals with Dean’s horribly attractive face for the hour the show is on.

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London by voldy92


The brief review:

Title: The Queen of the Tearling.

Author: Erika Johansen.

Brief Summary: Kelsea Glynn has been living in seclusion all her life. When she turns 19, soldiers come to take her away, and bring her back to her throne. Her life will no longer be an easy one, with people from all angles trying to kill her, and she has to decide just what kind of Queen she is going to be.

Rating: ★★★★★

Brief Review in under 100 words: It is a fast-paced fantasy-esque novel with an amazing and strong heroine, who doesn’t have pretty looks on her side. I’ve seen people say that it’s not a YA novel mainly because of the content (swears, talk of sex, violence etc) but in my opinion, any young adult already knows about these things, and want to read about them… take it from a young adult! In short, “The Queen of the Tearling” is a great book, filled with blood, lust and a strong heroine character that actually grows throughout the novel. I say read it!

The long review after cut (contains spoilers):

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